Mrs. Suchitra Date


Mrs. Suchitra Date, Director

Started learning Bharatnayam at the tender age of 3 1/2. Thus her training in dance started 3 years before Academics. She performed her Arangetram after years of training under guidance of Guru Krishna A. Mani who himself was a student of Ponnaiah Pillai of Tanjavoor quartet. She imparts training in this classical dance from in the Thanjavoor School of dance pattern of training. More than 67 students have performed their Arangetram under her guidance and have won national and international awards.

Suchitra Date is a Psychologist from Ruparel College, Mumbai and a post graduate from Tata Institute of Social Science. She has developed Bharatnatyam Dance Therapy since 1976. She also works as a counselor for social and behavioral problems in children and family. She is also founder member and managing committee of Swadhar an NGO working for destitute women and children. She has applied Bharatnatyam as therapy for children with severe orthopedic problems, the mentally challenged, introvert children, for Attention Deficit Disorders, learning difficulties, deaf and dumb, autistic, spastic, Adolescents with aggressive personalities, behavior correction and for women in 40’s. EMRC has documented her work in the field of Bharatnatyam as Therapy for under privileged children.