• The institution was established in the year 1984 by Guru Suchitra Date in Pune with the blessings of her Guru Krishna A. Mani.(a student of Ponnaiah and Kittappa Pillai of the Tanjavoor Quartret)
  • The institution has over 300 numbers of students till date
  • 67 students have completed their Arangetram from this institution till now
  • Several acclaimed dance ballets like Kunti-Ek-Katha, Deepshikha, Nritya Ramayan, Freedom Aatunk, etc. are some of the productions of this prestigious Institute
  • Bharatnatyam classes are conducted in a natural environment, the gurukul system
  • Research and documentation center was started for students of various Indian Classical dance forms. This project is the only pioneering private effort in Pune with documentation of research work.
  • Library Scholars and students can come and refer to books, audio/video cassettes, and CD’s etc. Institutes can take membership for their students. All material can be accessed in the premises only.
  • Fully functional (equipped) open air amphitheater for conducting classes, performances and seating arrangements for a large audience both in Indian style and chairs.
  • Small number of students (batch wise) for personalized attention.
  • 3 month Bharatnatyam dance courses available for students from abroad visiting India
  • Bharatnatyam Dance Therapy is used for patients of, Equines Deformity, polio affected, special children affected with mild autism, mentally challenged, learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD etc.
  • 3 months course is conducted for practicing counselors/dancers on Bharatnatyam Dance therapy.
  • Live performances are presented for foreign visitors and companies like SKF, Eaton etc.
  • All foreign visitors to Pune city are welcome to watch our students learn this classical dance without any charges. For a large group with prior information, translators can be arranged.
[team team_image=”129″ team_name=”Mrs. Suchitra Date” team_profession=”Director” link_window=”yes” social_stack_overflow=”http://nrityaprerana.com/mrs-suchitra-date/” pop_details=”yes” team_content=”Started learning Bharatnayam at the tender age of 3 1/2. Thus her training in dance started 3 years before Academics. She performed her Arangetram after years of training under guidance of Guru Krishna A. Mani who himself was a student of Ponnaiah Pillai of Tanjavoor quartet.”]
[team team_image=”131″ team_name=”Aditi Date Mukherjee” team_profession=” Principal” link_window=”yes” social_stack_overflow=”http://nrityaprerana.com/aditi-date-mukherjee/” pop_details=”yes” team_content=”An established danseuse she runs the Nritya Prerana branch in Waterloo, Canada. She performs and choreographs Bharatnatyam repertoires as well as fusions for those who have not trained in classical dance.”]
[team team_image=”132″ team_name=”Nrupa Soman” team_profession=” Principal” link_window=”yes” social_stack_overflow=”http://nrityaprerana.com/nrupa-soman/” pop_details=”yes” team_content=”An established performer in Bharatnatyam, she is regularly invited to perform at dance festivals. An excellent choreographer herself, she is an agile and innovative performer. She trains students in this dance form at Paud Phata Pune.”]
[team team_image=”189″ team_name=”Shruti Tekawade” team_profession=”Supervisor and Senior Teaching Staff Member” link_window=”yes” social_stack_overflow=”http://nrityaprerana.com/shruti-tekawade/” pop_details=”yes” team_content=”Excellent dance performer and with positive attitude, she is very good at supervising and teaching the quality dance. Worked as a teacher in-charge and assisted Guru Mrs. Suchitra Date in dance therapy sessions”]