Aditi Date Mukherjee


Aditi Date Mukherjee, Principal

Aditi is post graduate from Pune University and also from Waterloo University, Canada specializing in INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. She performed her Arangetra at tender age of 14. An accomplished Bharatnatyam danseuse dramas, margam, documentary film, solo performances in India and Canada. She conducted Bharatnatyam classed for 4 years in India and has recently opened a branch of Nritya Prerana in Toronto. She has helped raise funds over lakhs for several social causes.

Aditi In News

Imprint – The University of Waterloo’s Offical Student Newspaper : Her henna-stained hands, intricately decorated in beautiful patterns, swept through the air in movements at once graceful, delicate and powerful. The evening sun shone on the gold trimmings of her vivid blood red sari that swirled along gently as her body moved to the classical Indian music reverberating through the park.

The crowd watched, entranced, as Aditi Date-Mukherjee performed the Bharatnatyam, a traditional Indian dance, while a small crowd, a united nations of little children, gathered in front of the stage. The children, all of different ethnicities, but all with huge grins on their faces, twirled and swirled to the music in an attempt to mimic the dancer’s beautiful moves.

This scene unfolding in front of the stage was just a reflection of the larger crowd gathered at Kitchener’s Victoria Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Festival. This annual event, organized by the K-W Multicultural Centre, a social service agency dedicated to help ease newcomers’ transitions into this community, not only serves as a celebration of the beginning of summer but also as “a coming together of a broad, diverse community,” according to Lucia Harrison, the executive director of the centre. Read more