“RECHARGE“ weekly introduction to series of dance movements

“RECHARGE “ is the Project under Suchitra’s Nritya Therapy(Nrutyopchar)
A project for  school children who are  painfully spending hours in front of the screen.
As a counselor, I had to talk to parents to reduce or give  zero screen time till age of 7. Now it is ” all time screen time” adapting  to new situations. Restricted movements,low socializing  all lead  to feeling Unhappy all the time. This is detrimental for a child’s growth .
A  consistent dosage of “FEELING HAPPINESS”,will lead  to boosting motivation in day to day academics To Keep their Body and Mind in shape, and build up their physical and mental stamina Nritya Therapy is introducing simple but necessary movements that will have a positive impact on all children and Adults. Parents and teachers can also participate in our Nritya Therapeutic movements/Exercises with ease.It will do wonders when done in groups together.
These movements/exercises are clubbed together in a particular format taking into consideration long working hours at desk. Designed specifically for the Pandemic period and weaning and preparing your Body, Mind and Soul to take you with ease from HOME TO SCHOOL.
School principals, Home schooling parents can introduce this to their students at NO COST, between 2 hours of study time.It can be done 3 times a day.We will release the next levels at regular intervals. Each session of 3 minutes.Learning will be easy and cue words are given for parents/Teachers to say it out loud once learnt. This will bring down screen time when done.
We will be releasing this video on the auspicious day of Dussehra the 25th october 2020 from 3.30 pm to 4 pm IST . We welcome you to attend and look up and enjoy our new exercise regimes every week till Diwali .
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Nritya Therapy 2021

Suchitra Date’s  NRTIYA THERAPY A UNESCO Certified comprehensive course in dance therapy based on Bharatnatyam.


“SUCHITRA’S NRITYA THERAPY (SNT) ie NRUTYOPCHAR ,  3 months course has been shifted to JUNE 6th 2021. Details will follow in March 2021.