Dance Therapy

60 Hour’s UNESCO certified course begins from 29th September to 9th December for 10 weekends including practicum.
Last date of registration for Early Bird discount and group discount is 15th july 2018

While imparting Bharatanatyam training, an unusual stream of students with difficulties inspired different methodologies of working with them. Thus evolved a holistic method in teaching dance as well as dealing and recuperating the hampering areas of difficulties. We work with our patients with regular dance class students and segregate them only for short durations. Teaching Bharatanatyam as taught by our Gurus but modified for particular inflictions helps our patients to progress quickly.

Patients we work with:

  • Children – (ADD, ADHD, Autistic, Spastics with Ataxia type symptoms with hypertonia, tremors, deaf and mute, blind, Equinus difficulty-entailing walking on toes, polio, brain damage leading to muscular difficulties)
  • Adults- (Women going through menopause difficulties, accidents that have resulted in movement difficulties)
  • Senior citizens- (Parkinson’s, Arthritis, Dementia)


Areas of work through Nritya therapy

Post-traumatic Stress disorder, polio, mentally challenged individuals, anger management, emotional venting, blood pressure, stress, depression, varicose veins, diabetes, behavioral problems, speech problem.


Who can refer to Nritya Therapy?

Medical practitioners, social workers, psychologists, physiotherapists, family members and patients.


Lectures on Nritya Therapy

Lectures and workshops on Nritya Therapy for professionals in the field of teaching, social work, psychologists and research scholars.


Nritya Therapy – Learning courses:

Imparting Nritya Therapy through intense 3 level course including field work and research project.In each of the levels professionals will be trained to deal with patients in their areas of work. Placements as therapists can also be done.